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Please come to SciPy with your computer set up for your tutorials. If you have trouble, tutorial instructors will be available to assist the morning of the tutorial from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. You may also email questions to [email protected]

October 30


Shotaro Ishihara (Beginner) (JP)

All materials and links are shown in the link. This tutorial will use the python environment provided by Kaggle, so participants should confirm that they can log in to Kaggle website before the tutorial. This is the only prerequisite.

Introduction to Conda for (Data) Scientists

David Pugh (Beginner) (EN)

Tutorial Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Python programming and Bash shell concepts (i.e., basic commands, environment variables, etc). Familiarity installing NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit would be beneficial for NVIDIA GPU focused episodes.

Set up instructions:

October 31

(D)Ask Me Anything About Munging, Wrangling and Preprocessing Data at Scale 

Ramon Perez (Beginner) (EN)

Tutorial materials:

Building a Scalable AI Chatbot - From Regex to Deep Learning

Asir Saeed (Intermediate) (EN)


Tutorial materials:






その他ご質問がございましたら、SciPy Japanの登録デスクまでお問い合わせください。

Email: [email protected]

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